I’m Dr. Kiya Immergluck, a Chicago-based counselor. I bring my whole heart to my work and my purpose is to help you live the very best life possible. I really do CARE about my clients and use that acronym to help highlight some of the ways we can, together, get you to the place where you take joy and satisfaction in your life.

C – Creativity – I support all types of artists: visual, musical, actors and writers. I am an artist myself, writing and working in watercolors. I studied Interdisciplinary Arts in California and the creative personality delights me.

A– Addictions – Addictions can be very powerful. However, I have worked extensively and successfully with alcoholics, drug addicts and sex and love addicts. I am a Certified Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor.

R – Relationships -With Marriage Equality finally the law of the land in Illinois, I welcome the opportunity to now serve the LGBT community as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Marriage is a wonderful institution and I support all couples by encouraging them to get started on the right foot. Let’s get together and talk about your future, together.

E – Energy Work – I am one of only 8 ProEFT Master Practitioners in the world! This exciting Meridian Tapping work is relatively new and can often resolve emotional issues in remarkably less time than traditional therapies. Please visit my Emotional Freedom Techniques – Transcending All Problems site for more details.

S – Self-Esteem – Many people struggle through the day unhappy and unfulfilled due to some untrue ideas about themselves. If you have wondered why you seem to “get in your own way” and “never get ahead,” I can help you discover how valuable and unique you really are. It’s a joy to help clients come out from this cloud of misunderstanding and fully participate in life.

Call 773-880-5492 or email today and let’s get started helping you!